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Advaita Candra dasa (Torchlight Publishing), Mayapur - This is just a short note to give you my appreciation for the wonderful service you and your staff are doing on Vanipedia. It truly is a work for future generations and preserving Prabhupada in this way makes it so easy to get clarity on any issue or situation that we might find ourselves in. It truly is the Vaishnava equivalent of “What would Jesus do?” Your good work means we always know “What Prabhupada would do.” Thank you, and keep up this wonderful work.

Ajamila dasa (acbsp), Mayapur - Vanipedia's mission is a facility that allows devotees to swim in the ocean of Srila Prabhupada's instructions like swans seeking immortal nectar. Enough said, I'm going back to swim there in that vast ocean. See you there. :-))

Alex, Cleveland - Vanipedia is an interactive database which is directly linked to the divine consciousness of our spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada. By utilizing Vanipedia, devotees of Srila Prabhupada are capable of developing a most intimate relationship with Sri Guru (Srila Prabhupada). All the knowledge (Veda) and essence (Rta) of Srila Prabhupada is contained in Vanipedia like burning hydrogen in the heart of a star. In effect, Vanipedia is like a transcendental second sun which will burn up the ignorance of the world until it is all vaporized in one final supernova some day. Truly this is the Golden Age of Caitanya Mahaprabhu and as far as devotional life goes, we have lifetimes more of it to experience and look forward to. Look! Lord Caitanya's Moon is Rising! And look! Here Comes Srila Prabhupada's Sun! I say, Vanipedia ki jaya!

Amala-bhakta Swami (acbsp), Los Angeles - I have had occasion to use your Vanipedia service and have found it to be an excellent tool for finding and amassing specific information from Srila Prabhupada's various books. So many sources of information are presented. It's a truly great service. I want to send a donation to Vanipedia.

Balarama-lila dasa, ??? - Thank you very much for the excellent services by Vanipedia. I am personally very grateful. Vanipedia truly is one of the very sublime offerings at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada and is an invaluable service to the devotee community and the world at large. Thank you very much for your very benevolent inspiring service.

Badarayana dasa (acbsp), New York - That is a foundational component for a healthy ISKCON for generations to come - Srila Prabhupada's vani - plus his mood, his mission/vision and how he practically implemented these. We must study all these together if we are to be balanced and mature in our understanding and application. I am inspired by what you are doing there @ vanipedia.

Bhima dasa (asbsp) (BBT trustee), India - For all those interested in understanding Srila Prabhupada's books in depth, the Vanipedia is a wonderful resource.

Brahma Muhurta (BBT trustee), Sweden - Superb! Addictive! I prefer the layout and ease of use of Vanisource over any other online reading experience.

Devavrata dasa, Slovenia - I wanted to share with you, that we have recently started watching Srila Prabhupada's lectures from the multi-language subtitle project. About once a week we have in our temple Srila Prabhupada's Srimad Bhagavatam lectures, but last week I suggested something new to our temple president Ananta prabhu. So we connected a laptop to the projector and voila! - nectar started flowing. What was especially nice is that the devotees who don't understand English could finally connect to Srila Prabhupada without someone else "being in the middle" so to speak. About 9 lectures equals one SB class (time-wise). We will continue with this in the future because the devotees responded positively to the first 18 lectures and specially the devotees that don't speak English were very appreciative. Thank you for such a wonderful project.

Gary Stevason - The Vanipedia site is beyond imagination. I just stumbled upon the new Prabhupada Timeline and was in awe of the effort and result of the endeavor. I never really allowed myself to feel the full crush of November 14th because there seemed no end, but I am hoping the timeline will help me eventually embrace that final pastime without returning to that bottomless well of sorrow. We are all so very fortunate indeed. Thank you for your offering to Prabhupada's Vani. But I am sure the effort itself will be your reward, as every day he comes closer and closer to your heart of hearts. Jaya Prabhupada!

Gaura Hari dasa (acbsp), USA - After doing a Google search for 'tatastha' I chanced to find the Vanipedia site. I was so very pleased beyond words, and impressed and joyful and uplifted to see such an amazing meaningful project. I am now old and poor, but I would like to extend all my good wishes for all success with this endeavor and indeed with your relationship with Lord Sri Krishna. Lord Caitanya has created this gigantic mridanga, the internet, to save this sad sad world. Your efforts are completely aligned with His vision and He is undoubtedly very pleased with your service. Me, I am still in awe. Thank you again.

Giriraja Swami (acbsp), USA - I have been immersing myself in Srila Prabhupada's Vani at Vanipedia. You have undertaken a most significant and monumental undertaking, and from what I have seen, you are executing it with great conviction, intelligence, and skill. We are deeply indebted to you. I wanted to congratulate you and express my appreciation and gratitude for the amazing job you have done with Vanisource. It is most comprehensive and detailed and extremely intelligently designed, an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to know Srila Prabhupada and know about him--or, like me, who want to write about him. Thank you very, very much.

Hari Sauri dasa (acbsp), Mayapur - Vanipedia offers the most comprehensive and versatile access to the most important database of knowledge on the planet. Literally years of dedication, hard work and careful mapping have resulted in a mind-dazzling array of options for entering more and more deeply into the ocean that is Srila Prabhupada's legacy. This is truly a remarkable offering of love to His Divine Grace and his followers - akin to his own singular, super-normal efforts to present the Srimad Bhagavatam - a gargantuan task accomplished with skill and vision for the propagation of Lord Caitanya's yuga-dharma. My heartfelt congratulations and thanks to everyone involved.

Hrdaya Caitanya dasa (GBC), Belgium/Mayapur - Very well done Visnu Murti prabhu, congratulations to you and your team of devotees, who are able to bring Srila Prabhupada to everyone in the world. This is a wonderful achievement and great preaching.

Hridayananda dasa Goswami (acbsp), USA - I send my personal thanks to Visnu Murti Prabhu for his outstanding service. Vanipedia, as we see from the many enthusiastic appreciations, is an invaluable resource for so many devotees and friends of Lord Krishna. There is nothing more spiritually powerful than the words of Krishna’s pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada. With best wishes!

Indradyumna Swami (acbsp), Global - I wanted to take a minute in my busy schedule to congratulate you on receiving the award you did the other night in Mayapura for your work with Vanipedia. You certainly deserved it. Vanipedia is a wonderful and enduring offering on your part to our beloved Srila Prabhupada. I often use Vanipedia in my studies and in preparing for my lectures and talks. I am sure that is the same for many others now - and in the future. Along with many others, I very much appreciate all the service you have rendered to Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu!

Isvara Dasa (Touchstone Media), Kolkata - The work of Visnumurti Prabhu and his team at Vanipedia is godsent. It offers such wonderful opportunities for the devotees to have the entire gamut of Srila Prabhupada's teachings at the touch of their fingers. This is especially useful for the preachers who need to answer varieties of questions from the inquiring public. Vanipedia has made the cultivation of Srila Prabhupada's teachings in such systematic ways on each subject that a preacher can feel evermore confident to represent his message. Vanipedia is the perfect spiritualisation of modern technology for Krishna's service. We are certainly grateful to the Vanipedia team for this wonderful opportunity of delving deeply into the teachings of our founder-acharya, Srila Prabhupada. And to put some icing on the cake, it is now becoming available in all important languages of the world! Hare Krishna.

Jason Sullivan, UK - Hello Vanipedia, Hare Krishna. What a great website! Neat, tidy and just bursting with information, it is very nicely done. HDG AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is very pleased with you, I am sure!

Jnana Balakriya, UK - Vanipedia has turned into something wonderful. Great for research!

Krishna Kshetra Swami (acbsp), Oxford - UK - The several ways that Vanipedia facilitates research and remembrance of Srila Prabhupada's words and wisdom serve in compelling ways to show us the full possibility and necessity to live by and represent his teachings to our best ability. Vanipedia generates such a high degree of accessibility to Prabhupada's teachings that it is sure that these teachings will increasingly benefit the entire world, as Prabhupada so much intended and as is so much needed.

Krodhesvara dasa (acbsp), Australia - Today I discovered the Vanipedia web site and was greatly encouraged by your teams service. It is certainly valuable work that you are all doing and a great resource and tool for preaching. Thank you to all devotees participating in this wonderful project.

Kunjapriya devi dasi, Croatia - I would like to thank you for the gorgeous Vanipedia Project. Today, I had a nice experience in the library where I am working. I had a request from one library member about spiritual sources and I showed him Vanipedia and several search options. That was a really nice experience. I am inspired to put Vaniquotes on my Facebook profile in order to share with devotees Srila Prabhupada´s inspirational quotes. So, I would like to better learn and connect more deeply with Vanipedia, a great gift and grace of Srila Prabhupada. I would like to do more and perform vaniseva to please Srila Prabhupada. Thank you for your great inspiration.

Langaganesh dasa (acbsp), USA - The “BEST” book distributor cannot possibly personally distribute all the Vani that is being presented in any of the 3 ‘Vani” links: Pedia, Quotes or Source! However the same distributor can distribute these 3 links to multitudes of persons WORLDWIDE in a single day!!! This is intelligent service… Out of those multitudes, MANY will learn “bhakti” principles, buy books online in growing numbers, and apply devotional principles in their own home town or village –in every corner of the globe…

Lono Kalama, Hawaii - Your site is invaluable to researchers such as myself. I was very excited to discover a letter written by A.C. Bhaktivedanta on February 18, 1977 and addressed to Mike Gabbard. Is it possible to locate the letter mentioned in the text (Letter to A.C. Bhaktivedanta from Mike Gabbard dated January 28, 1977)? It would greatly augment my research. Thank you.

Mayapura dasa, London - UK - Over the years I have seen that those who commit to extensively distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books become recipient of his special mercy. Vanipedia is, to me, the manifestation of Srila Prabhuapada’s mercy upon Visnu Murti prabhu. It is the seva that has opened his path to Godhead. My sincere prayer is that he stays cautious and safe on this path and I am grateful for the quarterly opportunities to move a few dust-pixels in support of this project.

Nagapatni devi dasi (acbsp), USA - The most comprehensive, accurate and user friendly way to associate with Srila Prabhupada at this time.

Nrsimhananda dasa (acbsp), ITV, USA - Vanipedia - the prasadam of enlightenment for heart and soul. Spiritual knowledge is holistic and synergistic. Just as the body requires varieties of nutrients in the form of various tasty foodstuffs, so the mind requires variegated nourishment from the words of the pure devotee. As tasting salt and the dahl separately will impart different experiences, so hearing only a part of the teaching cannot compare to a full meal of various instructions. Vanipedia delivers the obvious and subtle flavors of spiritual knowledge as explained by Srila Prabhupada. Thus, the door to a complete understanding is opened wide when referencing all the pearls of wisdom which are placed on the divine plate of explanation, purport, and example. Let's just say that Vanipedia offers a full-course meal of a seemingly endless number of sagacious condiments, savories, subjis, and desserts. The menu keeps offering new insights into the meaning of being a devotee of Krishna. Thank you to all the Vanipedia organizers and contributors.

Praghosa dasa (GBC chairman, 2015-2016) Ireland - Even though Vanipedia is, as yet, not completed, I still experience it regularly as an amazing resource that lets me feel Srila Prabhupada's presence. The way that Srila Prabhupada's practical instructions are arranged in Vaniquotes helps me to understand what Srila Prabhupada expects of us. I think Vanipedia is a wonderful project and hope that it will be able to complete its vision of building a glorious Vani-temple of Srila Prabhupada's teachings. I would urge anyone who is able to help with this glorious effort to contact the Vanipedia team.

Prahladananda Swami (acbsp), GBC, USA - Srila Prabhupada wanted his followers to know his books just like a lawyer knows the law books. Vanipedia is a world-wide effort in multiple languages to assist Srila Prabhupada's followers in hearing, understanding and assimilating the immense inheritance of spiritual knowledge that our previous acaryas through the mercy of Srila Prabhupada have bestowed upon us. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu has advised His followers that they should serve others by explaining to whomever they meet about Lord Krishna. Vanipedia is certainly an extraordinary tool to assist the devotees in fulfilling this most important desire of Lord Caitanya.

Rocana dasa (acbsp), Canada - This inconceivably invaluable service to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is beyond our level of advancement to fully appreciate. But one can be sure that for generations of Vaisnavas to come, this Vanipedia service will be an indispensable asset for their spiritual advancement. The dedication of Visnu Murti das in his day-to-day service on this project is the sign of a true brahmana. He and the Vanipedia team are setting a great example for us all, and we can see that by the results. Vanipedia is ever expanding, improving the facility for devotees to access the vani of our most recent topmost sampradaya Acarya. We should all take a page out of Vanipedia's book, literally, in applying ourselves to whatever service we are inclined to, on behalf of the Vaisnavas and His Divine Grace.

Rupavati devi dasi, Singapore - Vanipedia is an incredible resource for Śrila Prabhupada's vānī. What's great is that one is able to search specific topics according to relevance. This especially helps me when I post on Twitter. When questions, comments & arguments about various situations, are put forth by people, as well as when there's a particular incident that trends, Vanipedia makes is so easy to search for and the present Śrila Prabhupada's, transcendental point-of-view. Very grateful to Visnu Murti prabhu and his team for creating this valuable library that's easy to access.

Sagar Sharma, India - I am a regular user of Vaniquotes and I find the website very useful in understanding the teachings of Srila Prabhupada because of its searching capability across important scriptures and conversations. But at times I missed Vaniquotes, because of my limited connectivity of internet. It would be better if Vaniquotes has offline facility as we have with Wikipedia and similar wiki-sites. I would really appreciable if you can please provide the latest dump of site & tools to access them.

Sesa dasa (acbsp), GBC - Minister of Education, USA - (GBC Chairman 2016 - 2017) We, and future generations, owe Visnu Murti Prabhu, and the team he has organized, our deepest gratitude for unlocking and making accessible the goldmine of Srila Prabhupada's teachings through the Vanipedia project. Srila Prabhupada once said, "that in the future, historians will study this period of world history, how this movement has changed the world." He said in the future they will just note this period, how the world is being changed. And using Vanipedia such future historians will not only be able to get the authentic quote, but the date, place, and persons to whom he spoke when saying this. This is the value of Vanipedia for now and the future.

Shaunaka Rishi dasa, Oxford - UK - Vanipedia is an incredible effort proving what team spirit, and cooperative work can produce. The platform offers great potential for researchers and students of Prabhupada's works, and provides open access to every aspect of his writings and talks. My thanks to Vishnu Murti and his large team of volunteers for their dedication.

Shyamasundar1967 dasa (acbsp), USA - I have turned to Vanipedia many times in my research for preparing my book, CHASING RHINOS WITH THE SWAMI, and will return again and again. Thank you so much for this wonderful service.

Steven Gelberg/ Subhananda dasa (acbsp), USA - First, I want to thank whomever I should thank for the kind acknowledgement at the bottom of the "About" page. I am Steven Gelberg, formerly Subhananda das, who Srila Prabhupada approved to compile the encyclopedia of his teachings all those years ago. I'm glad to see that such work has been carried on to the high point of development evinced in the Vanipedia site.

Suresvara dasa (acbsp), USA - Reading your Brazilian translator's deep appreciation of Srila Prabhupada, I'm struck by the similarity to the experience I'm having reading the books about our late, great Yamuna Devi. In both cases, I'm having a direct experience of Srila Prabhupada through sound. Gauri Gopika's experience is all through vani, and Yamuna's is both vani and vapu, but the experience is the same. For me this is amazing and ultimate testimony of the power of Prabhupada's everlasting vani, as well as how vital the Vanipedia project is to increase Prabhupada's legacy for the millennia to come. Obeisances again and again...

Swarup dasa (acbsp), USA - Visnu Murti, thanks for giving that link. I'm so used to using the Vedabase for my reading and references that I never properly explored Vaniquotes. I remember when they first began putting the website together and were giving samplings of how it would work. I was excited about it but once it was up and running I never really went back but I think now I'll begin using it more and more. Hey -- wherever the nectar is flowing -- that's where to go, right? after... - I spent a few hours today examining and exploring Vaniquotes. So that's your baby. Wow. One helluva job, Prabhu. You win first prize in the "Best Use of the Internet" category.

Tatjana Stankovic, Macedonia - As we know Wikipedia is a very popular Internet encyclopedia and using a similar name and method to present the Treasure and Knowledge that Srila Prabhupada left to us is very intelligent. People are now used to Wikipedia and its way of presenting information, so when you give to a person knowledge with a similar method of presenting, the person accepts it right away or faster than usual. Also presenting Vedic Knowledge given to us by Srila Prabhupada, in so many languages, makes the speed of spreading Krishna Consciousness so fast & effective. And that was what he wanted. Vanipedia is one of the best and smartest projects, I've ever seen on the Internet. Jaya Srila Prabhupada! Jaya Vanipedia!

Urmila devi dasi (acbsp), USA - Vanipedia offers devotees of Krishna, and the world in general, Srila Prabhupada’s teachings all in one place, thematically organized. Srila Prabhupada's teachings are his act of compassion upon his followers and the lost souls of this world. The thematic arrangement helps one to understand the full scope of Prabhupada’s teachings, in context, and so really allows readers and researchers to access his “voice.” I pray that Vanipedia can come to completion soon. If they continue following Prabhupada's formula of cooperating together, I am sure they will.

Vikas Sinha, India - Recently I was on Vanipedia, such a wonderful work by the devotees, I fall at their feet and ask for their blessings.

Visvambar Caitanya dasa, London UK - I think there is no better foundation to build ones life upon other than Srila Prabhupada's teachings. Vanipedia is the foundation of that foundation upon which monumental projects, buildings, societies and the greatest people spring from. We might see the saying change into "Vani is the basis, purity is the force..." all the while not changing its meaning.

Visvambara Krpa dasa, India - Recently, I visited your famous web site I am amazed to see such valuable vast systematic information about Srila Prabhupada. This Vanipedia is “Simply Wonderful”. I do not know what it would become like in upcoming 10-12 years. Your spirit of dedication is very inspiring.

Yadubara dasa (acbsp), ISKCON Cinema, USA - Vanipedia is an incredibly valuable resource in understanding and accessing Srila Prabhupada's teachings that will be used more and more widely as time passes. Vishnu Murti prabhu ranks at the top of those devotees who are 100% dedicated to their service and his project shows it.

Yadunandana Swami, Spain - Vanipedia is a magnificent offering to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada and to all his dedicated followers. If there is a way how Srila Prabhupada's followers are going to be united in a common mission, it is going to be through deep understanding and realization of his instructions. Vanipedia provides multiple resources to churn the ocean of nectar emanating from Srila Prabhupada's lotus mouth and manifested in printed form. By conscientiously studying Srila Prabhupada's instructions, both leaders and general members of the Krsna Consciousness movement would receive clarity and inspiration in order to preserve and further expand the Sankirtana movement around the world. My deepest gratitude to Visnu Murti Prabhu and to each and every devotee who is contributing to this wonderful project.