Lilasakti devi dasi Remembers Srila Prabhupada

Following Srila Prabhupada

Interview DVD 03

Lilasakti: There was another moment that was very special to me. There were some devotees, I think it was brahmacaris, they came from Germany and they were saying that the head pujari should not be a woman Prabhupada said. I remember that shortly after that Prabhupada came and I was in the Deity room, I just did aratik, and Prabhupada came in. He was on his own, he had just been outside, and because the temple room door is very close to the front door he just came in to see the Deities. I was just standing there next to Prabhupada and he turned to me and said, “Are you in charge?” I said, “Yes, Prabhupada.” He smiled and nodded and he said, “That’s very good.” It was like Prabhupada knew that I was given a hard time, but it was like a nod and a wink. Once a year when Prabhupada came, that was actually what kept me going because otherwise it was very tough.

When he got initiated, Prabhupada said, “Ah, the swan.”

When he came to Bury Place and saw the Deities, he was always very encouraging. He used to say things like “Krishna is very happy here, thank you very much,” and just nod and smile, just a little something that actually kept us going. One time when he came, he was saying that “When the Deities are beautifully decorated, your heart becomes beautifully decorated. And when your heart is beautifully decorated, then very soon you will see Krishna.”