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Compiling in Vaniquotes - everyone can do it

We have researched and so far found there are 60 different ways that Śrīla Prabhupāda has instructed the devotees to read his books:

  • always - again and again - as it is spoken by Krsna - as much as possible as soon as you get time - attentively,
  • at least one hour daily - at least one or two hours daily - at least three hours a day,
  • by discussing them - carefully - constantly - continuously - critically,
  • daily - deeply - devotedly - diligently - edeptly - expertly - faithfully,
  • from all angles of vision - from different lights of directions - from every point of view - from varieties of angles,
  • inspecting the subject matter from all angles of approach and savor the new understandings,
  • intensely - in small installments - in the association of devotees - minutely - more and more,
  • nicely - one after another - once-twice-thrice - over and over,
  • penetratingly - persistently - philosophically - profoundly - profusely,
  • Read, twenty-four hours, regularly - repeatedly - repeatedly whole life - scientifically - scrutinizingly - seriously,
  • sincerely - step by step cautiously - submissively - thoroughly - thoughtfully - throughout the day as much as possible,
  • to understand the subject matter from different angles of vision - whenever there is time,
  • with adherence - with due care - with the cooperation of your God-brothers and sisters
  • with the help of other devotees,


  • with the help of your senior God-brothers and sisters.

By studying Śrīla Prabhupāda's books in these ways we can properly understand and assimilate them. Compiling in Vaniquotes offers everyone the opportunity to do this in an unparalleled way. By following the simple methodology of studying via themes and then compiling them one can easily penetrate into the deep significance of the meanings of each word, phrase, concept or personality that Śrīla Prabhupāda is presenting. His teachings are without a doubt our life and soul, and when we study them thoroughly we can appreciate this even more.

Our simple philosophy behind compiling Śrīla Prabhupāda's teachings is as follows:

  • We accept that there has been no greater exponent of Vaisnava philosophy in modern times and no greater social critic who explains this contemporary world AS IT IS, than Śrīla Prabhupāda.
  • We accept that Śrīla Prabhupāda is a pure devotee directly empowered by Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa to engage living entities in loving devotional service to God, and that this empowerment is proven in his unparalleled expose on the Absolute Truth found within his teachings.
  • We accept that Śrīla Prabhupāda wanted his teachings to be profusely distributed & properly understood. In his physical absence, Srila Prabbhupada requires many vaniservants to assist him in this mission.
  • We accept that a thematic approach to Śrīla Prabhupāda's teachings greatly enhances the process of understanding the truths within them, and that there is immense value to explore, discover & thoroughly compile his teachings from every angle of vision.

Thus we are committed - to create a truly dynamic platform for facilitating the perfect knowledge and realization found within Śrīla Prabhupāda's teachings, to be profusely distributed, properly understood, and joyfully acted upon.

It is that simple - and the only thing separating us from the completion of Vanipedia is time and the many sacred hours of devotional service that is yet to be offered by the devotees who commit themselves to this vision.

There are many ways that you can be engaged in compiling - simple editing of pages, compiling of quotes, creating page titles & the research that goes with that, and developing different kinds of pages and categories that helps to link everything together.

Already with a little more than 580,000 quotes and a little more than 32,000 pages available the power of this reservoir is becoming obvious. We are seeing that as the existing pages are filled in and new pages made, the presentation is becoming more profound. With just a couple of hours of training over Skype your compiling experience can begin. Here are some testimonials of devotees experiences.

Many of us have already experienced the blissful congregational chanting of the Holy Names together. Now here is our chance to experience the blissful congregational studying of Śrīla Prabhupāda's teachings together. There is an extra joy to be experienced by performing this service with so many other devotees.

Vanitutors - helping others to experience

A Vanitutor is someone who trains others how to compile quotes and create pages in Vaniquotes. For the pleasure of compiling and creating to be relished by hundreds of devotees there needs to be as many Vanitutors as possible. Our plan is to have many groups of devotees developing compilations on specific themes. This is a great way to associate directly with Śrīla Prabhupāda's teachings, and a unique opportunity for devotees from different parts of the world to study Śrīla Prabhupāda's teachings together and build the Vanipedia encyclopedia at the same time.

To become a Vanitutor you need to be trained, both in the methodology and the technical elements that are required to make the pages clean and tidy. Then, as a Vanitutor you can pass these skills onto others. If you are already a compiler or want to become one, and have an inclination to inspire others, teach practical skills, do quality controls and communicate with and look after other compilers, then please let us know and we will train you to become a Vanitutor. With some good organization and a nice cooperative spirit many wonderful easily accomplished.

Within a short period of time we have the possibility to create a unique reservoir of Śrīla Prabhupāda's teachings. A reservoir that will help everyone of us to become more Krsna conscious, and a reservoir that will help the continuity of the sankirtana movement & and the establishment of varnasrama-dharma under Śrīla Prabhupāda's divine direction and inspiration way beyond the life span of this current generation.

This is really history in the making - serving together we create our future. Please consider being part of it.

Training courses - qualifying ourselves (it's easy)


  • Basic compiling course - 2 to 3 hours of training over Skype combined with 10 to 15 hours of practical application and follow up by your Vanitutor.
  • Advanced compiling course - 4 to 6 hours of training over Skype combined with 20 to 30 hours of practical application and follow up by your Vanitutor.


  • Vanitutor course - 6 to 8 hours of training over Skype along with 30 to 40 hours of practical application and follow up by your Vanitutor.
- all trainees for Vanitutoring courses have to first complete the basic and advanced compiling courses.
- the time spent on training in each course depends on the competency of each student.

IT development - the basis for everything to grow

To complete all the Vanipedia petals we require the participation of people with technical qualifications. We have prepared an introductory outline here. Check it out and let us know if you want to be engaged.

Communicating - making people aware

The vision of Vanipedia is worth being promoted. The more people become aware of what it is we are achieving and aiming for, the more they will appreciate it and eventually become involved. It would be wonderful if some very talented communicators join forces to take up the responsibility of clearly understanding the vision and then expertly communicating it to various interest groups. If initiative is taken then within a short period of time the Vani vision can be known by many.

Organization - the key to success

For any endeavor to be successful there needs to be: land, capital, manpower and organization. The nature of the Vanipedia project is that there is very little land needed and not much capital either. What is needed is the participation of many people (manpower). If many people come forward to help, they will be facilitated and inspired to offer continual service only if there is good organization. Thus the secret of success for Vanipedia rests on developing the proper organization and of course the grace of God. Many devotees are appreciating our vision, but without proper organization the vision will never be realized.

Thus if you have organizational skills, along with the passion for it, and some free time we are very interested to hear from you. Out of the 9 core team members that we envision to offer services at the Prabhupada Vani Research Academy in Belgium, at least three should concentrate on organizational development.

Building teams - serving together

For Vanipedia to complete its mission there are sections of the project that will have to be developed, preferably by teams of devotees supporting, facilitating, and encouraging each other to perform the practical tasks. For each team to begin we need at least one person responsibly committed. At the moment only the compiling team is developing. In IT and Organization we have a responsible person in each, but no team supporting them.

This is how it looks now:

  • Compiling team - over 250 devotees have participated
  • IT team - 3 devotees
  • Organization team - 2 responsible, 2 on the team
  • Writing team - 1 responsible
  • Educational team -

Both the writing and educational teams can develop later, the important ones now are the compiling, IT and organizational teams.

Funding - a fundamental element

Even though Vanipedia does not need much funding it does require something, and it would be unfortunate if the only reason that Vanipedia did not succeed was because of a lack of funds. Thus this area needs some special attention. We have a patron program, and as more people participate in it, the financial element will be taken care of, and that will free the organizers to concentrate on all the other services that are involved to realize the vision. Performing charity by donating money is a vaniseva that is very much appreciated and fundamental for the project's ultimate success. If some of you do not have the time to offer services, but have a little bit of free money, your generosity can help others to do the practical services.

Contact us

If you want to compile or want more information or how to be involved in other ways please contact us here.We will be very happy to serve with you.