• daughter of Vṛṣabhānu and Kirtida
  • daughter-in-law of Jaṭilā
  • great-grandaughter of Mukharā
  • wife of so-called husband Abhimanyu
  • sister-in-law of Kuṭilā

Radharani (Śrīmatī Rādhārāṇī) is the consort of Krsna, Krsna's internal energy, and the Queen of Vrndavana.

The Transcendental Qualities of Srimati Radharani

She has twenty-five transcendental qualities as described in the Ujjvala-Nilamani.

  1. She is very sweet;
  2. She is always freshly youthful;
  3. Her eyes are restless;
  4. She smiles brightly;
  5. She has beautiful, auspicious lines;
  6. She makes Kṛṣṇa happy with Her bodily aroma;
  7. She is very expert in singing;
  8. Her speech is charming;
  9. She is very expert in joking and speaking pleasantly;
  10. She is very humble and meek;
  11. She is always full of mercy;
  12. She is cunning;
  13. She is expert in executing Her duties;
  14. She is shy;
  15. She is always respectful;
  16. She is always calm;
  17. She is always grave;
  18. She is expert in enjoying life;
  19. She is situated at the topmost level of ecstatic love;
  20. She is the reservoir of loving affairs in Gokula;
  21. She is the most famous of submissive devotees;
  22. She is very affectionate to elderly people;
  23. She is very submissive to the love of Her friends;
  24. She is the chief gopī;
  25. She always keeps Kṛṣṇa under Her control.

The Names of Srimati Radharani