Template:Nectar Drops navigation - All Languages

[[{{{2}}}|Previous Nectar Drop {{{3}}}]]

[[{{{4}}}|Next Nectar Drop {{{5}}}]]
Template for a navigation bar that includes "previous nectar drop #" and "next nectar drop #" in all languages.
The language parameter is the full language name, as in the language category ("FR/French" -> "French")
Previous/next page titles to supply are page names in the wiki, following the example: "HI/660302_प्रवचन_-_श्रील_प्रभुपाद_न्यूयार्क_में_अपनी_अमृतवाणी_व्यक्त_करते_हैं"
To change the language, both language and previous/next page titles need to be changed.
For Arabic, Hebrew, Persian - It shows right to left. No need to code differently (specifying the language is enough)