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Please contact Arnab: [email protected]

Vanipedia Technical Team Skills

Vanipedia is a global collaborative project requiring professionals with different skill-sets. These are summerised as follows:

1. Ubuntu Linux System Administrators

The role of the system administrator is

  • to regularly monitor the server;
  • keep a note of all changes that are being made;
  • troubleshoot issues that may arise;
  • perform regular upgrades whenever required.

Since Vanipedia runs on a LAMP stack, the server administrator will also be administering the Apache and MySQL servers.

2. Mediawiki Administrators

The role of the Mediawiki administrator is to help with administration of the wiki software. This includes

  • installing extensions;
  • setting up configurations;
  • troubleshooting issues;
  • backing up and restoring the wiki.

3. Jquery, AngularJS, CSS developers

At Vanipedia we sometimes need to build custom tools which may help devotees in their services. Custom software modules are sometimes required to facilitate certain time consuming activities.

4. Python/PHP developers

  • Python - There are many time-consuming administrative tasks which can be performed by bots within the mediawiki software. Mediawiki already provides a bot library for the most commonly required administrative tasks. Knowledge of Python will help to tweak these python scripts for our internal house-keeping.
  • PHP - The mediawiki software is developed in PHP. When building certain extensions, custom modules will be coded in PHP.