Translating Pages

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Please use the following page layout guidelines for Vanisource pages when translating from your language

1) Paragraphs need to have one empty blank line between them

2) When Śrīla Prabhupāda quotes from a verse, please add a link to the original verse - see examples below. Please note that the verse links are case sensitive:

(BG 7.5) - see below for the coding to use

([[BG 7.5]])

(SB 3.10.20) - see below for the coding to use

([[SB 3.10.20]])

(CC Adi 2.10) - see below for the coding to use - Adi, Madhya or Antya

([[CC Adi 2.10]])

  • If you need to identify a verse or lines from a verse when transcribing audio files, you can use the search page at

3) Full verses should be layed out like below. Please note the use of the colons : which indent the verses. Also note the blank line between the first and second verse:

athābhipretam anvīkṣya
brahmaṇo madhusūdanaḥ
viṣaṇṇa-cetasaṁ tena
ātmanaḥ parikhidyataḥ
tam āhāgādhayā vācā
kaśmalaṁ śamayann iva
(SB 3.9.27-28)
:athābhipretam anvīkṣya
:brahmaṇo madhusūdanaḥ
:viṣaṇṇa-cetasaṁ tena

:ātmanaḥ parikhidyataḥ
:tam āhāgādhayā vācā
:kaśmalaṁ śamayann iva
:([[SB 3.9.27-28]])

4) Please use diacritics for Sanskrit words.

This list of common Sanskrit diacritics is found at the bottom of each page when editing.

Diacritics: Ā Ī Ū Ṛ Ṣ Ñ Ṭ Ḍ Ṇ Ś ā ī ū ṛ ṅ ṣ ñ ṭ ḍ ṇ ś ṁ ḥ

5) For page titles under the video link place this coding directly after the title <br />- Prabhupāda and then the number

example: Krishna is God<br />- Prabhupāda 1081